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Jackpot City has announced plans that have approved the development of over a dozen casino complexes in the UK.

The move would be the biggest expansion of the UK gambling industry in years and could potentially generate £250 million annually to be put back into the UK economy.

jackpot city

Although plans to expand the industry in the UK have been discussed previously, plans for the casino complexes did not come into fruition. Under Tony Blair’s government discussions were held about the construction of a super-casino not unlike those seen in places like Las Vegas where the casinos play an integral role in attracting tourists who can take advantage of the 1250 slot machines, huge jackpots and adjoining hotels.

This plan was scrapped when Gordon Brown came into power but permission was granted to construct a smaller amount of casinos.
The UK had hope to benefit from the success of the casinos as seen in other popular casino destination such as regeneration, new jobs and an increase in tourism to name a few.

Following the agreement of the Gambling Act 2005 8 large casinos were built and similar developments are underway in Middlesbrough, Leeds, Hull, Southampton and Solihull.

Five authorities have also been given approval to house ‘small casinos’ although the so-called ‘small’ casinos will still have 45 tables, 80 fruit machines and prize money of up to £4000.

Should the projects prove successful there is potential that the scheme could be expanded to other areas, particularly those in need of regeneration.

The popularity of real life casinos coincides with the increase of gaming enthusiasts enjoying slots and other online casino games. Both forms of gambling have had a positive effect on the economy by creating jobs, regenerating areas suffering from the effects of the recession and putting some much needed revenue back into the economy.

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