Can a Personal Loan Save Your Marriage?

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Money problems can be a major issue in a marriage; in fact, this is known as a leading cause of divorce. Even so, with the consequences of the recent financial crisis, inflation and the higher cost of living, you may be working till your blue in the face, and still, may only be putting food on the table. Just where are you supposed to come up with the extra funds needed for a minor emergency? A car repair? Or even, just a weekend away from the pressure of it all? These small financial pressures can cause tension in your marriage, causing you to never have enough time for each other, never spending those romantic moments together, and eventually leaving both of you with nothing but recriminations, resentment and a constant feeling of despair and fatigue.

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While there may always continue to be financial issues and pressures in your life, there is something you can do about the little financial details. You can come up with the money for those minor household emergencies, the latest car repair bill or even find that little extra to get away from it all, if for just one weekend. The solution is a short-term personal loan.

How Much Are these Loans For?

The loan amounts will vary depending on the personal loan lending company you use, but generally, they range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or two. The amount you are authorized for depends on your application verification and your income level. While this may not affect long term financial issues you may have with your spouse, it can certainly ease the tensions that arise from a minor emergency like a car break down, school special event fees or any other immediate financial need you are unprepared for.

Even when you aren’t affected by a minor emergency, but in situations where money is tightly budgeted, this type of loan can be beneficial in easing your marriage tensions. With a small short-term loan you can afford to take your spouse out, if at least for a night or a weekend. This offers you a little romance, and some one-on-one time that isn’t influenced by money, household or child issues.

When Does the Loan Need to be Repaid?

As mentioned before, these are short term loans, often with repayment terms of two to four weeks; meaning they need to be repaid in full at the end of this time period, otherwise you will end up paying penalties and higher interest rates. Nevertheless, this type of loan can get you out of a jam, or allow you to give your spouse the gift of romance every once in a while.

Bottom Line

While a short-term personal loan may not solve long-term financial issues in a marriage, it can show your spouse that you care and are doing your best in solving the minor financial issues that arise. Sometimes, in a marriage, it’s more about demonstrating your intentions, rather than solving it all. You can’t, after all, solve the world’s financial issues; but you can help ease the financial crisis at home (at least for a little while).

Written by Peter Coppola, an independent researcher and financial expert. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on various personal finance blogs. Learn more about personal loans at

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